Abhijit K. Choudhury

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In shared memory packet switches, buuer management schemes can improve overall loss performance , as well as fairness, by regulating the sharing of memory among the diierent output port queues. Of the conventional schemes, Static Threshold is simple but does not adapt to changing traac conditions, while Pushout is highly adaptive but diicult to implement.(More)
— Recently, there has been much interest in using active queue management in routers in order to protect users from connections that are not very responsive to congestion notification. A recent Internet draft recommends schemes based on random early detection for achieving the above goals, to the extent possible, in a system without " per-flow " state.(More)
This paper explains why long Distributed Queue Dual Bus (DQDB) networks without bandwidth balancing can have fairness problems when several nodes are performing large file transfers. The problems arise because the network control information is subject to propagation delays that are much longer than the transmission time of a data segment. Bandwidth(More)
We study a multistage ATM switch in which shared-memory switching elements are arranged in a banyan topology. By \shared-memory", we mean that each switching element uses output queueing and shares its local cell buuer memory among all its output ports. We apply a buuer management technique called Delayed Pushout that was originally designed for multistage(More)