Abhijit Ganguli

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To meet the overall isolation and alignment requirements for the optics in Advanced LIGO, the planned upgrade to LIGO, the US laser interferometric gravitational wave observatory, we are developing three subsystems: a hydraulic external pre-isolator for low frequency alignment and control, a two-stage active isolation platform designed to give a factor of(More)
A facile process of enhanced whole cell biotransformation to debitter the triterpenoid limonin in citrus juices was optimized in this work. To maximize bioconversion, permeabilization conditions were modeled using response surface methodology. A central composite rotatable design with four significant variables (concentration, temperature, pH, and treatment(More)
We describe here a simple technological process based on the direct fermentation of potato starch waste (PSW), an inexpensive agro-processing industrial waste, by a potential probiotic strain, Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis, for enhancing L-lactic acid production. To maximize bioconversion and increase cell stability, we designed and tested a novel(More)
In this study the sensing capabilities of a combination of metals and conducting polymer electrodes for drinking water and dissolved tastants using an AC-impedance mode in frequency range 10 2 to 10 5 Hz at 0.1 V potential has been carried out. Classification of seven different bottled and municipal drinking water samples along with various tastants(More)
BACKGROUND Sex ratio is an important indicator of development. Despite all the measures undertaken for improvement, it remains an issue of concern in India, with Haryana having a very low sex ratio in the country. Studies have been conducted indicating that consumption of indigenous drugs used for sex selection (SSD) could be strongly associated with(More)
—Investigations on the optimization of feed structures for exciting the slotted line antenna for high-density plasma production are presented. Each feed structure used (except the direct feed) excites a preferred component of the wave electric/magnetic field. It is seen that the efficacy of plasma production using the different feeds depends directly on the(More)
—This paper presents an experimental study on ultra-sonic focusing in an attenuative solid made of cement mortar. The objective is to comparatively investigate the performance of various techniques for wave focusing. Standard attenuation measurements are performed on small cement mortar samples to generate a preliminary idea about the loss in the material.(More)
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