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—In this paper, a fast transient testing methodology for predicting the performance parameters of analog circuits is presented. A transient test signal is applied to the circuit under (cut) test and the transient response of the circuit is sampled and analyzed to predict the circuit's performance parameters. An algorithm for generating the optimum transient(More)
Monte Carlo (MC) simulation of most spatially distributed systems is plagued by several problems, namely, execution of one process at a time, large separation of time scales of various processes, and large length scales. Recently, a coarse-grained Monte Carlo (CGMC) method was introduced that can capture large length scales at reasonable computational(More)
[1] The NASA Discovery Moon Mineralogy Mapper imaging spectrometer was selected to pursue a wide range of science objectives requiring measurement of composition at fine spatial scales over the full lunar surface. To pursue these objectives, a broad spectral range imaging spectrometer with high uniformity and high signal‐to‐noise ratio capable of measuring(More)
While lattice kinetic Monte Carlo (KMC) methods provide insight into numerous complex physical systems governed by interatomic interactions, they are limited to relatively short length and time scales. Recently introduced coarse-grained Monte Carlo (CGMC) simulations can reach much larger length and time scales at considerably lower computational cost. In(More)
15-Deoxy-Delta-prostaglandin J2 is a naturally occurring endogenous ligand for peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-gamma. The current study was aimed to determine the mechanism of anti-proliferative effect of 15-deoxy-Delta-prostaglandin J2+docetaxel against A549 and H460 non-small-cell lung cancer cell lines and xenograft tumors. In-vitro(More)
Recently, Gillespie introduced the tau-leap approximate, accelerated stochastic Monte Carlo method for well-mixed reacting systems [J. Chem. Phys. 115, 1716 (2001)]. In each time increment of that method, one executes a number of reaction events, selected randomly from a Poisson distribution, to enable simulation of long times. Here we introduce a binomial(More)
Nanometer circuits are becoming increasingly susceptible to soft-errors due to alpha-particle and atmospheric neutron strikes as device scaling reduces node capacitances and supply/threshold voltage scaling reduces noise margins. It is becoming crucial to add soft-error tolerance estimation and optimization to the design flow to handle the increasing(More)
Production test costs for today's RF circuits arerapidly escalating. Two factors are responsible for thiscost escalation: (a) the high cost of RF ATEs and(b) long test times required by elaborate performancetests. In this paper, we propose a framework for low-cost signature test of RF circuits using modulation ofa baseband test signal and subsequent(More)