Abhijit Chakravarty

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BACKGROUND Patients' satisfaction is a useful measure to provide an indicator of quality in healthcare and thus needs to be measured frequently. The aim of the study was to analyse and compare the level of satisfaction of patients attending the Outpatient Department of a Hospital. METHODS Study was conducted by using a pre-structured questionnaire with(More)
BACKGROUND It has become essential for hospital managers to understand and measure consumer perspectives and service quality gaps, so that any perceived gap in delivery of service is identified and suitably addressed. A study was conducted at a peripheral service hospital to ascertain any service gap between consumer expectations and perceptions in respect(More)
A field experiment was conducted to investigate the effect of four insecticides, HCH, phorate, carbofuran and fenvalerate, at recommended doses on the preponderance of bacteria, actinomycetes and fungi. We also measured the persistence of the insecticides in the rhizosphere soil of rice. HCH and fenvalerate stimulated the proliferation of all of the(More)
Debates in India on end-of-life care assumed a new life after the petition in the Supreme Court in the case of Aruna Ramchandra Shanbaug, calling for withdrawal of life-sustaining therapy from a patient in a persistent vegetative state. The Court's landmark decision has led the way for discussing and developing guidelines on various situations in end-of-(More)
BACKGROUND The basic principle of inventory control is ABC based on cost criteria and VED on criticality. METHODS Based on ABC-VED matrix, economic analysis of drug expenditure of priced vocabulary of medical stores (PVMS) section 01 for the year 2003 of a 190 bedded service hospital was under taken. RESULT Out of 493 drugs in PVMS section 01, only 325(More)
BACKGROUND The modern system of medicine has evolved into a complex, sophisticated and expensive treatment modality in terms of cost of medicines and consumables. In any hospital, approximately 33% of total annual budget is spent on buying materials and supplies including medicines. ABC (Always, Better Control)-VED (Vital, Essential, Desirable) analysis of(More)
CONTEXT Escalating health care expenses pose a new challenge to the health care environment of becoming more cost-effective. There is an urgent need for more accurate data on the costs of health care procedures. Demographic changes, changing morbidity profile, and the rising impact of noncommunicable diseases are emphasizing the role of nuclear medicine(More)
BACKGROUND In a developing country with limited resources, it is important to utilize the total cost visibility approach over the entire life-cycle of the technology and then analyse alternative options for acquiring technology. METHODS The present study analysed cost-effectiveness of an "In-house" magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan facility of a large(More)
BACKGROUND Medical errors are being detected with increasing frequency in healthcare environment, in many cases leading to patient harm. Measurement and improvement of patient safety climate has been identified as a strategic effort towards addressing this vital issue. METHOD Safety Attitude Questionnaire (SAQ), validated by previous research was(More)