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Advances in top-down and bottom-up surface nanofabrication: techniques, applications & future prospects.
This review highlights the most significant advances of the nanofabrication techniques reported over the past decade with a particular focus on the approaches tailored towards the fabrication ofExpand
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High-efficiency pulsed laser transmitters for deep-space communication
Highly efficient laser sources are required for deep space optical telecommunication. This paper investigates the efficiency components for pulsed diode pumped solid state laser transmitters andExpand
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Improved electrical and interfacial properties of RF-sputtered HfAlOx on n-GaAs with effective Si passivation
Abstract In this paper, we present the effects of ultrathin Si interfacial layer on the physical and electrical properties of GaAs MOS capacitors fabricated using RF-sputtered HfAlOx gate dielectric.Expand
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Large-scale graphene production by RF-cCVD method.
In this work, we report a low-cost facile method for the production of few-layer graphene sheets in large quantities through radio-frequency chemical vapor deposition.
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Synthesis of few-layer graphene over gold nanoclusters supported on MgO
Abstract We present the successful design and synthesis of few-layer graphenes over an Au/MgO catalytic system by chemical vapor deposition with methane as the carbon source. The resulting structuresExpand
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Lasercom test and evaluation station for flight-terminal evaluation
Full-up pre-launch characterization of a lasercom terminal's communications and acquisition/tracking subsystems can provide quantitative characterization of the terminal and better realize theExpand
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Modelling of threshold voltage and subthreshold slope of strained-Si MOSFETs including quantum effects
In this paper, the threshold voltage and subthreshold slope of strained-Si channel n-MOSFETs are determined, taking into account quantum-mechanical effects, and the effect of bandgap narrowing due toExpand
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Fabrication of super water repellent silver flake/copolymer blend films and their potential as smart fabrics
A facile technique is demonstrated for the fabrication of super water repellent co-polymer blend-silver composite films from fatty acid surface functionalized fine silver flakes. Initially, highExpand
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Nanocomposite Route to Ultra-sensitive Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering Substrates
We show a novel route to prepare SERS substrates, which is based on polymer–metal nanocomposites with a specific structure and composition just below the percolation threshold. The neighboringExpand
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Effect of aperture averaging on a 570-Mbps 42-km horizontal path optical link
Optical communications offer high data rate satellite to ground communications in a small, low mass, and low power consumption package. However, turbulence-induced scintillation degrades the linkExpand
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