Abhijeet V. Chavan

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—This paper reports two multitransducer vacuum-sealed capacitive barometric pressure sensors, one using single-lead and the other using multiple-leads to transfer the electrical signal out of the vacuum-sealed reference cavity. The first device operates with a resolution of 37 mtorr over a pressure range from 600 to 800 torr. The sensitivity is 27 fF/torr(More)
—This paper reports a mixed-voltage mixed-signal chip for interfacing multiple capacitive transducers to embedded processors in integrated microsystems. A programmable switched-capacitor readout circuit accommodates capacitive sensors from 16 fF to 40 pF and allows self-test and online calibration. The 20 mm 2 chip has a sensitivity of 1.25 mV/fF and is(More)
An internal mobile bracket, also known as its metal body, is the main supporting structure of a mobile phone to which all other components are attached, comparable to the skeleton of an organism. The goal of fault detection system is to handle occurring faults in the bodt as in the dimensions, the slots of the small bolts, the camera placement slots, the(More)
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