Abhijeet Saxena

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The paper proposes an unsupervised framework to address the problem of spotting spoken terms in large speech databases. A two-stage retrieval mechanism is used to perform spoken term detection. A very efficient Bag of Acoustic Words (BoAW) index is created for quick retrieval of relevant documents. Using an N -gram approach, the optimum choice of acoustic(More)
In 2004, Das et al. proposed a dynamic identity based remote user authentication scheme. This scheme allows the users to choose and change their passwords freely and the server does not maintain any verification table. Das et al. claimed that their scheme is secure against stolen verifier attack, replay attack, forgery attack, dictionary attack, insider(More)
In this paper, we address the problem of searching spoken queries within spoken databases, which is referred to as queryby-example Spoken Term Detection (QbE STD). A knowledgebased posteriorgram representation of speech is proposed. The knowledge of sound pattern of a language can be captured in terms of binary distinctive features (DFs). This idea is(More)
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