Abhijeet Ghatak

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BACKGROUND Anaphylaxis is a severe, life-threatening allergic reaction that affects both children and adults in the United States. However, data regarding the incidence and prevalence of anaphylaxis and the number of deaths caused by it are limited. OBJECTIVE To provide a better understanding of the magnitude of the problem of anaphylaxis in the United(More)
Rice blast, caused by Magnaporthe oryzae, causes yield losses associated with injuries on leaves and necks, the latter being in general far more important than the former. Many questions remain on the relationships between leaf and neck blast, including questions related to the population biology of the pathogen. Our objective was to test the hypothesis of(More)
The specific dietary patterns of a population have a major influence on the prevalence and incidence of atherosclerotic vascular disease. This particularly manifests as the coronary heart disease (CHD) morbidity and mortality rates in various geographical regions. High consumption of saturated fats , cholesterol and energy are associated with higher blood(More)
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