Abhijat Agarwal

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Modern token ring communication media provide the opportunity to build extensive networks of computers. Maintenance of the consistency of replicated information in such networks requires fault-tolerant protocols that can ensure consistent ordering of messages multicast within small groups of processors distributed throughout the network. The Totem protocol(More)
There has been current demand on Internet service providers (ISPs) to provide quality of service (QoS) guarantees. Fault tolerance is an important factor that needs to be considered to maintain the network survivability. It is the property of a system that continues to operate the network properly in the event of failure of some of its parts. There is no(More)
Cognitive Radio Networks (CRNs) appear as a probable solution for the shortage of spectrum. However, the Security in cognitive radio network becomes a challenging issue, since more chances are given to attackers by cognitive radio technology compared to general wireless network. These chances may cause degradation the network quality of service but(More)
To utilize the available frequency channel space in wireless mesh networks (WMNs), recent work has significantly been focusing on the channel assignment in multi-interface and multi-channel wireless mesh network. This paper presents our design of a distributed channel assignment algorithm that assigns channels based on capacity of the channels. It is shown(More)
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