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The Impact of Quality on Satisfaction, Revenue, and Cost as Perceived by Providers of Higher Education
Researchers have found a strong relationship between improvements in quality and satisfaction, revenue, and cost. However, no study to date investigates the same for higher education. This studyExpand
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Marketing a U.S. University to International Students: Which Approach Is Best–Standardization, Adaptation, or Contingency? An Investigation of Consumer Needs in Seven Countries
ABSTRACT The paper reports the findings of a study that investigates whether students from different countries have different expectations when seeking a degree from a university in the U.S. TheExpand
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Multiple surface segmentation using convolution neural nets: application to retinal layer segmentation in OCT images
Automated segmentation of object boundaries or surfaces is crucial for quantitative image analysis in numerous biomedical applications. For example, retinal surfaces in optical coherence tomographyExpand
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Optimal Multiple Surface Segmentation with Convex Priors in Irregularly Sampled Space
Optimal surface segmentation is widely used in numerous medical image segmentation applications. However, nodes in the graph based optimal surface segmentation method typically encode uniformlyExpand
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Susceptibility to misdiagnosis of adversarial images by deep learning based retinal image analysis algorithms
Deep learning algorithms, typically implemented as Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs), in recent years have gained traction in medical image analysis. The majority of CNNs employed in retinal imageExpand
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A rapid 3D fat–water decomposition method using globally optimal surface estimation (R‐GOOSE)
To improve the graph model of our previous work GOOSE for fat‐water decomposition with higher computational efficiency and quantitative accuracy.
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Automated surface segmentation of internal limiting membrane in spectral-domain optical coherence tomography volumes with a deep cup using a 3-D range expansion approach
Spectral-domain optical coherence tomography (SD-OCT) is used clinically for the diagnosis and management of glaucoma, with the internal limiting membrane (ILM) being one important structure ofExpand
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Simultaneous Multiple Surface Segmentation Using Deep Learning
The task of automatically segmenting 3-D surfaces representing boundaries of objects is important for quantitative analysis of volumetric images, and plays a vital role in biomedical image analysis.Expand
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