Abhay R. Vasavada

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Changes in the canal diameter during physiological motions are important considerations in the treatment of patients who have a burst fracture with the presence of bony fragments, but without neurologic deficit. In this in vitro study, the changes in the soft-canal diameter of the thoracolumbar region, when intact and after different fractures, was(More)
PURPOSE To study occurrence, morphology, immunofluorescence, and ultrastructural features of congenital anterior capsular plaque (ACP) obtained from pediatric eyes undergoing cataract surgery. METHODS Two hundred sixty consecutive pediatric eyes undergoing congenital cataract surgery were enrolled in the present study. Anterior lens epithelium from(More)
UNLABELLED Endophthalmitis is a rare but potentially devastating complication of cataract surgery. This article presents an overview of endophthalmitis prophylaxis and the use of intracameral antibiotics. It highlights available intracameral antibiotics with respect to pharmacology, spectrum of activity, dosage and preparation, safety, and efficacy(More)
Post-operative capsular opacification is a multifactorial physiological consequence of cataract surgery. Opacification involving the central posterior capsule has a significant impact on high and low contrast acuity and low contrast sensitivity. The assessment of Posterior Capsule Opacification (PCO) on cadaver eyes, experimental studies, culture models and(More)
PURPOSE To explore different molecular factors impairing the activities of superoxide dismutase (SOD) isoforms in senile cataractous lenses. METHODS Enzyme activity of SOD isoforms, levels of their corresponding cofactors copper (Cu), manganese (Mn), zinc (Zn), and expression of mRNA transcripts and proteins were determined in the lenses of human subjects(More)
Spondylotic myelopathy is a result of decreased spinal canal space due to degeneration. The space also may change with physiological movements. The knowledge of the normal physiological changes is necessary for a better understanding of the clinical symptoms. Using a novel technique, we measured the changes in disk bulge, ligamentum flavum bulge, and(More)
AIM Polymorphisms in gamma-crystallins ( CRYG ) can serve as markers for lens differentiation and eye disorders leading to cataract. Several investigators have reported the presence of sequence variations within crystallin genes, with or without apparent effects on the function of the proteins both in mice and humans. Delineation of these polymorphic sites(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the level of matrix metalloproteinase (MMP)-2 and MMP-9 activities in patients with steroid induced posterior subcapsular cataract (PSC). METHODS This prospective, observational study comprised of 156 patients having either steroid induced PSC (n=50) or non-steroidal PSC (n=106) were performed to evaluate the level of MMP-2 and MMP-9(More)
AIM To compare the effects of balanced salt solution (BSS) and Ringer's lactate (RL) on corneal thickness, endothelial morphology, and postoperative anterior chamber inflammation in eyes undergoing phacoemulsification. SETTING Iladevi cataract and IOL research center, Ahmedabad, India. MATERIALS AND METHODS This prospective randomized study comprised 90(More)
PURPOSE Fusarium, Aspergillus, and Dematiaceous are the most common fungal species causing keratitis in tropical countries. Herein we report a prospective study on fungal keratitis caused by these three fungal species. METHODOLOGY A prospective investigation was undertaken to evaluate eyes with presumed fungal keratitis. All the fungal isolates (n = 73)(More)