Abhay N. Gaikwad

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Nowadays, through wall imaging (TWI) is an emerging topic of research in which one of the most important tasks is to minimize the clutter through which detection accuracy can be improved. Clutter in TWI is due to many reasons like wall coupling, antenna coupling, multiple reflections etc. To analyze the clutter reduction techniques, firstly we indigenously(More)
The design of this paper represents the novel cpw-fed circular square corner fractal antenna with varying notch-band frequency characteristics. The position and width of the notch-band can be adjusted in the entire operating band. A prototype of the antenna has been designed on FR4-Epoxy substrate dielectric constant 4.4 and thickness h=1.53 mm with a(More)
Facial expression analysis plays pivotal role for all the applications which are based on emotion recognition. Some of the significant applications are driver alert system, animation, pain monitoring for patients and clinical practices. Emotion recognition is carried out in diverse ways and facial expressions based method is one of the most prominent in non(More)
The theory of Compressive Sensing (CS) enables the reconstruction of sparse signals as well as image from small set of random measurements by solving primal dual interior point method for l1 minimization problem. This paper presents reconstruction of signal based on CS theory applied on experimental data. Reconstruction of Ascan and B-scan image with fewer(More)
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