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OBJECTIVE To examine the influence of glycemic and nonglycemic parameters on HbA(1c) concentrations in young adults, the majority of whom had normal glucose tolerance. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS We compared the diagnosis of normal glucose tolerance, prediabetes, and diabetes between a standard oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT; World Health Organization(More)
Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) is a disruptive technology that has found widespread acceptance in the life sciences research community. The high throughput and low cost of sequencing has encouraged researchers to undertake ambitious genomic projects, especially in de novo genome sequencing. Currently, NGS systems generate sequence data as short reads and(More)
Sequence polymorphism in HIV type 1 env gene is quite high, and there are little data available for subtype C env gp41 sequences from India. We have presented a molecular sequence analysis for gp41 region of env gene from HIV type 1 subtype C-infected individuals. The samples were obtained from 3 acute seroconverters and 5 seropositive individuals from(More)
BACKGROUND Although extensive HIV drug resistance information is available for the first 400 amino acids of its reverse transcriptase, the impact of antiretroviral treatment in C-terminal domains of Pol (thumb, connection and RNase H) is poorly understood. METHODS AND FINDINGS We wanted to characterize conserved regions in RT C-terminal domains among(More)
We previously proposed that mutations in the connection subdomain (cn) of HIV-1 reverse transcriptase increase AZT resistance by altering the balance between nucleotide excision and template RNA degradation. To test the predictions of this model, we analyzed the effects of previously identified cn mutations in combination with thymidine analog mutations(More)
Cellular stress responses require exquisite coordination between intracellular signaling molecules to integrate multiple stimuli and actuate specific cellular behaviors. Deciphering the web of complex interactions underlying stress responses is a key challenge in understanding robust biological systems and has the potential to lead to the discovery of(More)
CellDesigner and Cytoscape are popularly used tools in systems biology studies for biological network construction. Plug-ins for these tools are also available which enable visualization of the microarray data in the context to the constructed biological networks. However, a major limitation for these tools is that they accept inputs only in a specified(More)
INTRODUCTION Skin sensitization forms a major toxicological endpoint for dermatology and cosmetic products. Recent ban on animal testing for cosmetics demands for alternative methods. We developed an integrated computational solution (SkinSense) that offers a robust solution and addresses the limitations of existing computational tools i.e. high false(More)
W e are grateful to Schindhelm et al. (1) for their interest in our article. We measured HbA 1c during follow-up of a birth cohort in the hope of substituting it for an oral glucose tolerance test. We found a discrepancy between the results of the oral glucose tolerance test (World Health Organization, 1999) and HbA 1c (American Diabetes Association, 2009):(More)
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