Abhay B. Mane

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CONTEXT Falls are a major public health problem in the elderly population. Fear of falling (FOF) among elderly persons can compromise quality of life by limiting mobility, diminished sense of well-being and reduced social interactions. India is undergoing a demographic transitional phase with urban elderly population of 6.72% in 2001. The major challenge(More)
Placenta is a vital organ for maintaining pregnancy and promoting normal foetal development. Foetal outcome is adversely influenced by pathological changes observed in placenta. Pregnancy complications like hypertension are reflected in placenta. The objective was to assess the morphology of placenta in normotensive and hypertensive pregnancies and to(More)
It is estimated that about 4.2 million people live with HIV infection in India. Adherence to ART is an essential component of treatment success. Adherence rates exceeding 95 % are desirable to maximise the benefits of ART. There are limited studies on levels of adherence and determinants of suboptimal adherence to treatment. OBJECTIVE: To identify the(More)
Ageing is a global phenomenon. India is no exception to this demographic transition. The problems and issues of its greying population occupy the back seat. The current need is to conduct research and explore new directions in research on population ageing. Multidisciplinary approaches to geriatric care can be fostered by collaborative training among(More)
Renal artery variations are becoming more important due to the gradual increase in interventional radiological procedures, urological and vascular operations, and renal transplantation. Such variations have great implication when surgery is indicated. Increase in frequency of renal diseases and renal transplants, there is a need of research work aimed at(More)
Background: Recent scientific evidence reveals that over 2/3 of the deaths among children under five years of age are associated with inappropriate feeding practices and occur during the first year of life. Improving infant and young child feeding practices in children 0-23 months of age is therefore critical to improved nutrition, health and development of(More)
a INTRODUCTION Barringtonia racemosa (B. racemosa) (family-Barringtoniaceae) is a tall tree with one seeded, ovoid fruits, distributed in eastern and western seacoasts of India. The fruit pulp of B. racemosa had been in use as a fish poison. Apart from this, the plant is also used medicinally in treatment of diarrhoea, asthma, coughs, jaundice as well as an(More)