Abhash Kumar

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Flat-slab subduction occurs when the descending plate becomes horizontal at some depth before resuming its descent into the mantle. It is often proposed as a mechanism for the uplifting of deep crustal rocks ('thick-skinned' deformation) far from plate boundaries, and for causing unusual patterns of volcanism, as far back as the Proterozoic eon. For(More)
In this work, we demonstrate the use of the Green–Kubo integral of the heat flux autocorrelation function, incorporating long-range corrections to model the thermal conductivity versus temperature relationship of cross-linked polymers. The simulations were performed on a cross-linked epoxy made from DGEBA and a curing agent (diamino diphenyl sulfone) using(More)
This paper describes our approach on " Information Extraction from Microblogs Posted during Disasters " as an attempt in the shared task of the Microblog Track at Forum for Information Retrieval Evaluation (FIRE) 2016 [2]. Our method uses vector space word embeddings to extract information from microblogs (tweets) related to disaster scenarios, and can be(More)
A model was developed to simulate the performance of a lab‐scale gasifier and predict the flowrate and composition of product from given biomass composition and gasifier operating conditions using Aspen Plus software. Mass balance, energy balance, and minimization of Gibbs free energy during the gasification were applied to determine the product gas(More)
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