Abha Tripathi

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Modern power systems are operating increasingly closer to their control and operational limits. Such stressed conditions can lead a system to become unstable and hence it has become necessary to properly model the effect of such limits on the system. Also, gradual system parameter variations such as load increase, combined with contingencies, lead to system(More)
Dynamics of power system has always been an area of major concern. Transient and small signal stability during perturbed conditions is of utmost importance for a power system engineer. Whenever there is a disturbance, the rotor angle oscillates and the speed of the machine deviates from the original nominal speed. The perturbation can be of various types.(More)
The need for secrecy during the transmission of digital messages over digital communication media has lead to the development of a number of techniques for covert communication. Steganography deals with the development and study of such techniques. In the present discussion, a two level Steganographic algorithm has been discussed that involves audio based(More)
Excitation control of synchronous machine is done in order to keep the terminal voltage constant. This paper describes the advantage of using a nonlinear technique called Dynamic Inversion (DI) in order maintain the voltage at the terminals constant. An excitation model which includes the excitation system stabilizer (ESS) and the transient gain reduction(More)
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