Abel Noser

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The "Mini-Mental State" examination developed by Folstein is a well established psychometric test in the assessment of senile dementia. We applied a modified version, the Zurich variant of the Folstein-MMS. A comparative study with both tests in a total of 53 patients (25 with dementia, 28 without dementia) of the Käferberg nursing home revealed highly(More)
We applied the involuntary movements and extrapyramidal scale in 54 patients (41 with dementia, 13 without dementia) of the Käferberg nursing home. Increased severity of parkinsonism was negatively correlated with Mini-Mental State scores (mnestic function r = 0.479, p less than 0.001/spatial function r = -0.617, p less than 0.001) and with activities of(More)
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