Abel H. Y. Tan

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INTRODUCTION Recent discoveries in cancer research have revealed a plethora of clinically actionable mutations that provide therapeutic, prognostic and predictive benefit to patients. The feasibility of screening mutations as part of the routine clinical care of patients remains relatively unexplored as the demonstration of massively parallel sequencing(More)
BACKGROUND Mutations in KIT are more frequent in specific melanoma subtypes, and response to KIT inhibition is likely to depend on the identified mutation. METHODS A total of 32 patients with metastatic acral or mucosal melanoma were screened for mutations in KIT exons 11, 13 and 17. RESULTS KIT mutations were found in 38% of mucosal and in 6% of acral(More)
Endothelins regulate cellular functions in the mammalian brain through the endothelin receptors A and B (EDNRA and EDNRB). In this study, we investigated the role of EDNRB on cell proliferation in the cerebellum by using the spotting lethal (sl) rat, which carries a naturally occurring deletion in the EDNRB gene. Proliferating cells in the three genotypes,(More)
This study aimed to assess the availability of clinical protocols and their effect on compliance to the Surviving Sepsis Campaign bundles and on mortality in severe sepsis in ten Singaporean adult teaching intensive care units (ICU). The presence of 11 protocols in the ICUs, steps taken based on the Johns Hopkins University Quality and Safety Research(More)
A remarkable feature of the adaptive immune system is the speed at which small numbers of antigen-specific lymphocytes can mediate a successful immune response. Rapid expansion of T and B lymphocyte clones that have receptors specific for a particular antigen is one of the primary means by which a swift response is generated. Although much of this clonal(More)
INTRODUCTION The intubating laryngeal mask airway (ILMA) is a specially-designed airway device that can be used for endotracheal intubation without direct laryngoscopy. The advantage of this device is that it allows blind endotracheal intubation with a predictably high success rate. The use of neuromuscular blocking agents in facilitating the use of the(More)
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