Abel G. Silva-Filho

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Cache memory hierarchy contributes positively to system performance. Moreover, tuning cache architectures in platforms for embedded applications can dramatically reduce energy consumption. This paper presents an automated method for adjusting two-level cache memory hierarchy intended for data caches in order to reduce energy consumption and improve the(More)
Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) are able to provide a high computational parallelism that can be exploited to achieve high performance improvements in intensive data processing problems. In this paper our efforts were directed towards developing a PC cluster based on nodes that use FPGAs as co-processors. The target application is a floating-point(More)
Unsupervised clustering is a powerful technique for understanding multispectral and hyperspectral images, being k-means one of the most used iterative approaches. It is a simple though computationally expensive algorithm, particularly for clustering large hyperspectral images into many categories. Software implementation presents advantages such as(More)
Digital Control System in the industry has been used in most of the applications based on expensive Programmable Logical Controllers (PLC). These Systems are, in general, highly complex and slow, with an operation cycle around 10ms. In this work, a Reconfigurable Logic Controller (RLC) approach is presented, based on a small and low cost Xilinx Virtex-II(More)