Abel Castellanos

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This article describes an experiment using a mobile robot equipped with a laser range nder and a trinocular vision system, designed to be specially well suited to test multisensor robot localization and map building strategies. A pair of theodolites were used to obtain a ground-true solution to be compared with the results obtained by processing sensor(More)
— Master/worker is a commonly used paral-lel/distributed programming paradigm. Many applications are developed following such paradigm. This paradigm can be easily implemented using message passing programming libraries (MPI), but moreover, the multicore features of current nodes can be exploited at the node level by applying thread parallelism (OpenMP). In(More)
Subsequential transducers constitute a formal model for translation that may be considered perhaps too simple to model translation between natural languages. However, their capability can suuce in limited-domain translation tasks. The nite-state nature of subsequential transducers makes their integration with well-known Continuous Speech Recognition(More)
There are several parallel applications that are implemented using a Master/Worker parallel/distributed programming paradigm. Applications using this predefined programming structure can be easily implemented using message passing programming libraries (MPI). Moreover, the multicore features present nowadays on CPU architecture can be exploited at the node(More)
Nowadays, there are several features related to node architecture, network topology and programming model that significantly affect the performance of applications. Therefore, the task of adjusting the values of parameters of hybrid parallel applications to achieve the best performance requires a high degree of expertise and a huge effort. Determining a(More)
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