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Infant acute leukemia (IAL) frequently involves breakage and recombination of the MLL gene with one of several potential partner genes. These gene fusions arise in utero and are similar to those found in leukemias secondary to chemotherapy with inhibitors of topoisomerase II (topo-II). This has led to the hypothesis that in utero exposures to chemicals may(More)
An enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) was evaluated in relation to an indirect haemagglutination (IHA) test in schistosomiasis patients who were classified by clinical, sonographic and direct methods of diagnosis. Sensitivities of ELISA and IHA respectively proved to be 100% and 69.23% in acute simple intestinal schistosomiasis; 95.5% and 90.4% in(More)
BACKGROUND Although the relationship between skin diseases in patients with primary psychiatric conditions is important for patient management, studies on this issue are limited. OBJECTIVE To detect the frequency and type of cutaneous disorders among patients with primary psychiatric conditions. SUBJECTS AND METHODS This analytic cross-sectional study(More)
The importance of sandflies of the genus Phlebotomus being in the fact that some species are the vectors of leishmaniasis and other pathogenic organisms such as virus of sandfly fever. In Egypt, cutaneous leishmaniasis and sandfly fever are known and recently visceral leishmaniasis has been identified in Alexandria. Consequently, there is a need to study(More)
The non-linearities in the objective functions play an important role in the convergence and stability of various neural ICA algorithms. In case of maximization of nongaussianity, they influence the negentropy and in Maximum Likelihood Estimation (MLE), they are related to the assumed distributions of sources. We present in this paper an experimental(More)
Serum and milk of lactating women were tested for toxoplasmosis using specific-IgG IFAT. Apparently healthy 70 women were selected: 54 from rural and 16 from urban areas. Serum and milk were simultaneously collected from each one. Sera were positive in 22 (31.4%) of the total 70; including 16 (29.6%) and 6 (37.5%) of rural and urban groups respectively. No(More)
Neural Independent Component Analysis (ICA) algorithms based on unimodal source distributions provide acceptable performances in the case of Blind Source Separation (BSS) of super-gaussian sources. However, their convergence profiles are significantly slower in the case of sub-gaussian sources. In some situations it is necessary to deal with sub-gaussian(More)
Neural learning algorithms developed for blind separation of mixed source signals give rise to a Global Separating-Mixing (GSM) matrix that can be used to measure the performance of the unmixing system. In the case of the instantaneous linear noiseless mixing model, we consider the GSM as a transformation operator and show that it is equivalent to a(More)
Prurigo is a common skin condition characterized by vigorous scratching. Although ulceration is not uncommon in prurigo, a perforating-like lesion was not previously reported. In this study we described series of cases of prurigo with perforating-like lesions and discussed its relation to acquired perforating dermatoses. The study included 32 cases, during(More)