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An ERP system plays an important role in managing business processes. Recently, many universities have implemented ERP systems. However, little research has been conducted regarding these systems in the higher education sector. This paper explores and analyzes the existing literature on ERP implementation and attempts to identify the critical success(More)
The major problem we will solve in this paper is how to bring the user closer to his/her search needs and how to enhance the search query prior submitting it to the search engine. To accomplish this, we built a query paraphrasing model using Genetic Algorithm to produce the most accurate set of paraphrased queries that match the user's need by exploring(More)
Searching for information on the Web has become one of our most important and frequent activities. Sometimes, Web users may formulate a search query based upon their different levels of expertise or background knowledge, which may obscure some useful documents in retrieving results because the query vocabulary differs from the vocabulary within a particular(More)
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