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We have shown previously that localization of tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) in tobacco is associated with a ca. 23 kDa protein that inhibits replication of several plant viruses. This protein, named 'inhibitor of virus replication' (IVR), was purified from the medium of TMV-inoculated protoplasts derived from Nicotiana tabacum cv. Samsun NN. IVR was shown to(More)
Arabidopsis class 1 reversibly glycosylated polypeptides (C1RGPs) were shown to be plasmodesmal-associated proteins. Transgenic tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum) plants constitutively expressing GFP tagged AtRGP2 under the control of the CaMV 35S promoter are stunted, have a rosette-like growth pattern, and in source leaves exhibit strong chlorosis, increased(More)
  • Scott Adkins, John Hammond, +5 authors Sara Spiegel
  • 2006
ABSTRACT A new carmovirus was isolated from Angelonia plants (Angelonia angustifolia), with flower break and mild foliar symptoms, grown in the United States and Israel. The virus, for which the name Angelonia flower break virus (AnFBV) is proposed, has isometric particles, approximately 30 nm in diameter. The experimental host range was limited to(More)
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