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We define anaphora more broadly than is usually done, i.e. to include not only pronoun, proadverb (e.g. here, there, then), proverb (e.g. do as in John goes to bed early; I do too.), definite, etc. reference, but also indefinite reference (as in 1 below),as well as reference by an entire sentence or subsentence to a previous sentence or subsen-tence (as in(More)
The brain was removed from cadavers using a modified technique involving additionally the removal of most of the squamous occipital bone and laminae of the upper cervical vertebrae. The resulting specimens were superior to the usual ones in that the medulla oblongata, the upper spinal cord, and all the cranial nerves and cerebral arteries were intact. Fears(More)
One of the most critical and least understood aspects of protection is the exercise of control over the movement of rights between the subjects of a system. The conventional Take-Grant mechanism for exercising such control suffers from a puzzling and unfortunate limitation: it cannot enforce strictly unidirectional channels for the flow of rights. That is,(More)
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