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We survey those recent developments in environmental and resource economics that have been prompted by a puzzling cultural phenomenon, where one group (usually natural scientists) sees in humanity's current use of Nature's services symptoms of a deep malaise, even while another group (usually economists) documents the fact that people today are on average(More)
Universal strong, weak, and electromagnetic i~teractions of leptons and hadrons are generated by gauging a non-Abelian renormalizable anomaly-free subgroup of the fundamental symmetry structure SU(4)& x SU(4)& x SU(4'), which unites three quartets of "colored" baryonic quarks and the quartet of known leptons into 16-folds of chiral fermionic multiplets,(More)
Absorbing phase transitions (APT) are a category of critical nonequilibrium phase transitions, widespread in condensed matter physics and population and epidemics modeling [1]. Directed percolation (DP) [1] has been recognized as the paradigmatic example of a system exhibiting a transition from an active to a unique absorbing phase. DP defines a precise(More)
a Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics, EEE Programme, Trieste, Italy b Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei, Italy c Department of Economics, Unviersità Ca’ Foscari di Venezia, Venice, Italy d Centre for Marine and Climate Research, Hambirg University, Hamburg, Germany e Institute for Environmental Studies, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, The(More)
The economy-wide implications of sea level rise in 2050 are estimated using a static computable general equilibrium model. Overall, general equilibrium effects increase the costs of sea level rise, but not necessarily in every sector or region. In the absence of coastal protection, economies that rely most on agriculture are hit hardest. Although energy is(More)
In 1973 two Salam protégés (Derek Capper and the author) discovered that the conformal invariance under Weyl rescalings of the metric tensor gμν(x) → Ω(x)gμν(x) displayed by classical massless field systems in interaction with gravity no longer survives in the quantum theory. Since then these Weyl anomalies have found a variety of applications in black hole(More)
A geometric formulation which describes extended supergravities in any dimension in presence of electric and magnetic sources is presented. In this framework the underlying duality symmetries of the theories are manifest. Particular emphasis is given to the construction of central and matter charges and to the symplectic structure of all D = 4, N–extended(More)