Abdurrahman Ghanem

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Solid is a decentralized platform for social Web applications. In the Solid platform, users’ data is managed independently of the applications that create and consume this data. Each user stores their data in a Web-accessible personal online datastore (or pod). Each user can have one or more pods from different pod providers, and can easily switch between(More)
The evolution of mobile technology is moving at a very fast pace. Smartphones are currently considered a primary communication platform where people exchange voice calls, text messages and emails. The human-smartphone interaction, however, is generally optimized for sighted people through the use of visual cues on the touchscreen, e.g., typing text by(More)
Graph data mining is defined as searching in an input graph for all subgraphs that satisfy some property that makes them interesting to the user. Examples of graph data mining problems include frequent subgraph mining, counting motifs, and enumerating cliques. These problems differ from other graph processing problems such as PageRank or shortest path in(More)
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