Abdurrahman Çarkacioglu

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In this paper, a generic texture descriptor, namely, Statistical Analysis of Structural Information (SASI) is introduced as a representation of texture. SASI is based on statistics of clique autocorrelation coefficients, calculated over structuring windows. SASI defines a set of clique windows to extract and measure various structural properties of texture(More)
In this study, we suggest a method to adapt an image retrieval system into a configurable one. Basically, original feature space of a content-based retrieval system is nonlinearly transformed into a new space, where the distance between the feature vectors is adjusted by learning. The transformation is realized by Artificial Neural Network architecture. A(More)
In this paper, we have been developing a system that searches Web pages for various depths based on predefined strings within given time intervals. Problems encountered during development and their solutions are discussed. It is observed that the number of Web pages found increased proportionally to the number of strings searched, where the quality of the(More)
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