Abdur Rashid Sangi

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The concept of byzantine attack comes from Byzantine Generals Problem. In this abstract concept, the loyal byzantine army general are suppose to coordinate in a battlefield to conclude a common plan in the presence of traitor generals which can disrupt such coordination. This Generals Problem resembles the attacks initiated by authenticated nodes/devices in(More)
Routing security is an important and well known issue in Ad hoc network applications and development. Various kinds of solutions have been proposed but they are impractical to be fully applied. In this paper, firstly the wormhole attack topology is analyzed, then cryptography and trust mechanism are combined to design a new multipath trust-based secure(More)
The MANET incorporates mobile nodes that forward information or packets from node to node without a wired connection. The topology changes rapidly and unproductively, there is no central control for routing of packets hence the communication is on mutual trust. There are many proposed routing protocol in which on-demand routing is most preferable among all(More)
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