Abdulsalam Ya'u Gital

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This study investigated the prediction of crude oil price based on energy product prices using genetically optimized Neural Network (GANN). It was found from experimental evidence that the international crude oil price can be predicted based on energy product prices. The comparison of the prediction performance accuracy of the propose GANN with Support(More)
The rapid increase in using non-standard words (NSWs) in communication through the social media is causing difficulties in understanding contents of the text messages. In addition, it affects the performance of several natural language processing (NLP) task such as machine translation, information retrievals, summarization and etc. In this study, we present(More)
Neural Network is said to emulate the brain, though, its processing is not quite how the biological brain really works. The Neural Network has witnessed significant improvement since 1943 to date. However, modifications on the Neural Network mainly focus on the structure itself, not the activation function despite the critical role of activation function in(More)
In Collaborative Virtual Environment (CVE) systems, one of the main research topics in is how to efficiently transmit message to minimized delay, provide scalability and reliability, and also the choice of transport protocol. TCP is the most widely used protocol in the design of CVE systems, and its throughput deteriorates in the network with large delay(More)
Collaborative Virtual Environment (CVE) has become popular in the last few years. In CVE the state of the virtual objects is witnessing rapid change. When a user performs an action in CVE, the information of the action needs to be transmitted to other users to maintain consistency in the cooperative work. Currently, in the design of most CVE systems, TCP is(More)