Abdulrahman Alruban

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Denial of Service (DoS) attacks are among the most common security issues threatening today's 802.11 networks. In this paper, we have proposed two 802.1x DoS attacks, EAP-NAK and EAP-Notification flooding attacks. These effectively disrupt the authentication process between the legitimate wireless supplicants and the network authentication server. The(More)
Threats to enterprises have become widespread in the last decade. A major source of such threats originates from insiders who have legitimate access to the organization's internal systems and databases. Therefore, preventing or responding to such incidents has become a challenging task. Digital forensics has grown into a de-facto standard in the examination(More)
Insider misuse has become a major risk for many organizations. One of the most common forms of misuses is data leakage. Such threats have turned into a real challenge to overcome and mitigate. Whilst prevention is important, incidents will inevitably occur and as such attribution of the leakage is key to ensuring appropriate recourse. Although digital(More)
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