Abdulrahman Alqahtani

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Electronic debate (or commenting) platforms are used with many types of online applications, as a way to engage the users or to provide enhancements, e.g., based on some type of collaborative filtering [1], [2]. The applications enhanced with such debate platforms range widely : news, products, sport, religion, politics, etc. Therefore, the emerging(More)
The average of many people trust online comments for any news as much as personal recommendations [1], [2]. In this paper, we analyzed the impact of the online news's comments to evaluating the threading models of electronic debates by using online surveys. In this paper, based on the results of our online survey of 500 participants, we evaluated whether(More)
This study examines the quality of the image in different irises during iris recognition. The main purpose of this study is to provide reliable evidence pertaining to the superiority of the iris to other biometrics particularly in the presence of noise coming with images captured by the iris. The study mainly used the iris database CASIA-IrisV3-interval as(More)
Although rhinoplasty and the development of facial aesthetic criteria can be traced to several millennia, contemporary techniques have passed through a rapid evolutionary process in the past century (1) (2). Although understanding human anatomy and the consequences of surgical excision occupied the minds of the founders of rhinoplasty, the process moved(More)
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