Abdulrahman Albakri

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Tele-surgery has been more and more popular in robotassisted medical intervention. Most existing teleoperation architectures for medical applications adopt 2-channel architectures. The 2-channel architectures have been evaluated in literature and it is shown that some architectures, e.g. position-force (P-F), are able to provide the surgeon a reliable(More)
In this paper we propose a modeling method for the interaction impedance of a remote soft tissue that contains quasi-periodic physiological motion disturbance. Through this study, it is shown that the interaction with such environment is not passive and its influence should be considered in the teleoperator design. The interaction impedance depends not only(More)
Needle placement errors can mitigate the effectiveness of the diagnosis or the therapy, sometimes with catastrophic outcomes. Previous design of a simplified model for needle deflection estimation was motivated by the clinical constraints of ARCS (Abdomino-pelvic Robotic-driven slightly flexible needle insertion performed in CT/MRI-guided Scenario). We(More)
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