Abdulrahman A. Mirza

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In the current knowledge society, adoption of information technology (IT) innovation initiatives has become a necessity for the success of most organizations. The decision to adopt information technology solutions however must be made on welldefined user requirements, and not on mere high-expectations. In this paper we present a case study of an ambitious(More)
The overwhelming growth and popularity of online social networks is also facing the issues of spamming, which mainly leads to uncontrolled dissemination of malware/viruses, promotional ads, phishing, and scams. It also consumes large amounts of network bandwidth leading to less revenue and significant financial losses to organizations. In literature,(More)
Many universities around the world are investing in implementing different Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) to support the teaching and learning process. However, without an effective implementation, many objectives and advantages are unachieved. Therefore, a well designed strategy to follow is vital to the success of an effective implementation. There(More)
This paper presents a case study of an ambitious charitable organization that decided to start developing its information systems at a very early stage in the life of the foundation. Even after the completion of the information system, almost two years after the initiation of the project, operational functions of the foundation were still transforming. Once(More)
Many new techniques have emerged with the Internet and have established the foundation of new business models, which are mostly encompassed by the term e-commerce. Using these techniques to develop a business is becoming a must to survive in a world that is increasing in need for electronic information [1]. Online marketing for an ecommerce is an essential(More)
The substantial growth in online social networks has vastly expanded the potential impact of electronic word of mouth (eWOM) on consumer purchasing decisions. A critical literature review exposed that there is limited research on the impact of online consumer reviews on online purchasing decisions of Saudi Arabian consumers. This research reports on results(More)
In the past decade, information and communication technologies (ICT) have led to an increasing impact on tourism industry. This industry is ranked now as the prime sector in e-commerce, where the Internet has changed the traditional way of providing travel services by developing etravel services and enabling consumers to interact directly with tourism(More)
E-assessment is a key element in any e-learning system, needed to evaluate the learning process. It can be successfully and easily carried out on Multiple Choice Questions. However, e-assessment of essay questions is much harder than that of Multiple Choice questions. Consequently, it is a growing area of research. This paper presents an approach to assess(More)