Abdulnasir Hossen

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A new technique of time-domain analysis for screening of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) using R-R interval (RRI) data is investigated. This method is based on the Statistical Signal Characterization (SSC) of the analytical signal that is generated using Hilbert transformation of the RRI data. The four SSC parameters: amplitude mean, period mean, amplitude(More)
BACKGROUND Clinical distinction between advanced essential tremor and tremulous Parkinson's disease can be difficult. METHODS In selected power spectra of accelerometric postural tremor recordings on the more affected side of 41 patients with essential tremor and 39 patients with tremulous Parkinson's disease being indistinguishable by tremor frequency,(More)
The discrete cosine transform (DCT) has a variety of applications in image and speech processing. The idea of the subband{DFT (SB{DFT) [1], [2] is applied in [3] to the DCT. In this paper the basic idea of the SB{DCT is discussed which is based on subband decomposition of the input sequence. Approximation is done by discarding the computations of bands of(More)
A new technique for identification of patients with congestive heart failure (CHF) from normal controls is investigated in this paper using spectral analysis and neural networks. The identification system consists of two parts: feature extraction part and classification part. The feature extraction part uses the method of approximate spectral density(More)