Abdulmohaimen Wesam Al-Mufti

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In the survey described by Al-Mufti et al. (see page 23) blood and hair samples were analysed for total mercury by modified atomic absorption spectrophotometry. The hair samples were divided into 2.5-cm segments and analysed consecutively. The mean blood levels were 34 ng/ml and 7 ng/ml, respectively in those who had and those who had not eaten contaminated(More)
Three categories of mercury poisoning were defined in the survey described by Al-Mufti et al. (see page 23) and the age-specific incidence rates for these are given. Persons with physical signs consistent with a diagnosis of organomercury poisoning were allocated to categories of severe disability or mild/moderate disability. However, the largest category(More)
A survey was carried out in a defined area in rural Iraq where there had been many cases of organomercury poisoning following the consumption of bread contaminated by mercury, in order to determine the true incidence of the disorder. The results were compared with those obtained from a similar rural area from which few cases had been reported. A(More)
An outbreak of organomercury poisoning due to the consumption of treated grain by farmers and their families occurred in Iraq in 1971-72. A total of 6530 cases were admitted to hospital and of these 459 died. However, there were many more with minor symptoms of poisoning who consulted outpatient departments. This outbreak constituted the largest poisoning(More)
Secondary sources of intoxication with methylmercury poisoning other than home-made bread were explored. Mercury levels in various food items were below 0.05 mg/kg.Over 30 000 specimens of meat and internal organs of sheep were analysed because of the strong suspicion that the animals had been fed treated barley. It was found that 6-12% of the specimens(More)
The Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) is one of sensor types that can be used in multifunction in the sensing field. Hence, the purpose of this project is to study and investigate the design of SAW device for biosensor application. Several parameters and design has been varied and proposed to investigate the effect to the SAW Biosensor performance. The parameter(More)
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