Abdullahi Mohamud Sharif

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There are large, medium, and small enterprises which develop software projects that can be influenced by a risk. Identifying risk is first step of perfectly assessing and controlling risks in a project. In the literature, a lot of researchers identified risk factors in software projects but none of these can be generalized as base of risk factors in the(More)
Generally, in software development, there are large, medium, and small software projects that each of them can be affected or influenced by a risk. Therefore, it requires a distinctive assessment process of the potential risks that may cause failure or loss of the project whenever they occur. From the literature, there are actually number of risk assessment(More)
Software Change Impact Analysis (SCIA) has defined as a process of identifying the consequences of the software changes requests. Almost no major corporations are free from the challenge of developing and implementing successful strategies for managing change. Different studies have been conducted in this subject for the last two decades, several approaches(More)
—Risk Assessment Tool (RAT) is an expert system that assesses, monitors, and gives preliminary treatments automatically based on the project plan. In this paper, a review was taken out for the current project time management risk assessment tools for SME software development projects, analyze risk assessment parameters, conditions, scenarios, and finally(More)
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