Abdullah Sezgin

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One of the most known problems for mobile robots on a grid based map is to find the shortest and the lowest cost path from one starting cell to one goal cell and one starting cell to multi-goal cells. In this paper, three algorithms solving the shortest path problem on a grid based map are presented. In addition, the concept of path planning for multi-goal(More)
With the growing technology fault detection and isolation become one of the interesting and important research areas in automatic control. Robots for specified missions like waste treatment in a nuclear reactor or a space walk must be very reliable and this demand forced the researchers adapting FDI methods to robotics. In this study a model based FDI(More)
Mobile robots are the extremly difficult controlled types of robot. Since they cannot fixed on the surface, all of their location information is relative. To determine the location of robot, absolute or relative measuring methods are being used but depending on used sensors some difficulties are seen. Output of sensors being not linear, operation interval's(More)
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