Abdullah Saad Bubshait

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In this work a bi-level (Supervisory-Local) PV-based Microgrid configuration is proposed for low power residential applications. In the supervisory level a long-term control scheme is assigned to define the set points for local controllers. The local level is mainly formed from a set of controllers which are basically responsible to control the power(More)
This paper introduces a new multi-functional double mode inverter (MFDMI) scheme, which is able to operate under a variety of operational conditions for aggregation of PV-based renewable energy resources. Detecting islanded situation within a new and fast approach, regulating the voltage in the islanded mode, smooth transition between islanded and grid-tied(More)
A multifunctional control strategy for a single-phase asymmetrical cascaded H-bridge multilevel inverter (ACHMI), suitable for microgrid systems with nonlinear loads, is presented. The primary advantage of ACHMI is to produce a staircase output voltage with low harmonic content utilizing unequal dc voltages on the individual H-bridge cells. In a(More)
In this article a comprehensive control of a wind turbine system connected to an industrial plant is developed. The algorithm utilizes a structure of the back-to-back converter where two modes of operation can be achieved. During the connection of the wind turbine (mode I), the utility side controller is designed to compensate the harmonics caused by the(More)
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