Abdullah S. Alaraimi

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In the second part of this two-part paper, we derive approximations to the signal-to-interference plus noise power ratio (SINR) attainable by PCC, SCC, and windowing and compare their performances in terms of SINR. We also derive an asymptotically optimal window and discuss the optimality of the triangular window for ICI reduction. Finally, we derive(More)
Orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) suffers from inter-carrier interference (ICI) if the channel has the Doppler spread and/or frequency offset. Polynomial cancellation coding (PCC), symmetric cancellation coding (SCC), and windowing are simple, but effective, schemes to mitigate the ICI in the OFDM system without error-correcting coding. In(More)
In the Sultanate of Oman, analog to digital switchover process is started. The Sultanate decided to adopt second generation of terrestrial digital video broadcasting (DVBT2) standard. Recently, the Sultanate is having trial transmission for the system. The trial is taking place in three regions, Muscat, Barka, and Salalah. In this paper, we investigate the(More)
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