Abdullah Noorhidawati

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This paper reports on a usability evaluation of BoBIs (Back-of-thebook Indexes) as searching and browsing tools in an e-book environment. This study employed a task-based approach and within-subject design. The retrieval performance of a BoBI was compared with a ToC and Full-Text Search tool in terms of their respective effectiveness and efficiency for(More)
Cross language information retrieval (CLIR) presents huge ambiguous results as polysemy problems. Therefore, the semantic approach comes to solve the polysemy problem which that the same word may have different meanings according to the context of sentences. This paper presents semantic technique on queries for retrieving more relevant results in CLIR) that(More)
This paper reports on situations in which children engage with mobile apps to better understand how they learn through such interaction. The following two research questions were postulated to address the research purpose: i) What are the conditions that engage children with mobile apps? ii) How does learning take place during children’s engagement with(More)
Scholars make use of research output in the form of conference proceedings, journal and theses as references as guideline in generating new knowledge for the use of future generations. Support in the early stage of study is crucial for novice researchers as it will give them some insights of where to seek for extra information on relevant literature,(More)
PURPOSE This study examined the types of social support messages exchanged between parents and/or caregivers of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) who communicate via Facebook (FB); it studies two autism support groups: Autism Malaysia (AM) and Autism Children Club (ACA). METHOD A total of 3637 messages including both postings (381) and(More)
Introduction. This paper reports an exploratory study examining how users participate in social tagging activities in a scholarly digital library environment to learn about their motivations, behaviour, and practices. Method. This study was conducted in two phases: a survey to investigate usage and attitudes of social tagging tool, and a task-based user(More)
This stated preference study approached the issue on sub-categorization of the information science–library science (IS–LS) journals listed in the Journal Citation Report (JCR) 2011. To investigate this, 243 active authors/editors publishing in this field were requested to indicate their preferred category to 83 journal titles listed in JCR 2011 from four(More)
This paper describes a study investigating the performance of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) research work using bibliometric analysis covering the period 2003–2013. The study focuses on the distribution and growth of publications across journals, titles, and fields over the period, and collaboration network patterns among scholars and scientists. A total of(More)
Philology studies are often associated with traditional methods of teaching and learning. This study explores the possibility of e-learning adoption amongst Malay manuscripts learning community. The Soft System Methodology (SSM) is used to guide the investigation. SSM emphasises on understanding the problem situations faced by Malay manuscript learning(More)
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