Abdullah Mohd Zin

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43 Abstract—Real-time virtual heritage application is normally executed with a high performance computer system. This is due to the complexity and highly computational cost which makes such system impossible to run in a lower specification computer system. Therefore, many developed virtual heritage application cannot be retrieved by the target users. One of(More)
This paper presents a method for fast-approximate collision detection between 3D models <i>S</i> undergoing rigid body motion. To enclose a 3D model in as tight as possible, we propose an approach known as oriented convex polyhedra <i>R</i>(<i>S</i>). By surrounding the 3D models tightly, the veracity of detected collision can be improved. It is known that(More)
Wiki is a social networking system that allows users to freely intermingle at different levels of communication such as collaborative learning, chatting and group communications. This is conceived to be the merriest goal. It is particularly vulnerable due to its features of open medium and lack of clear plan of defense. Social networking systems today are(More)
Eliciting requirements for a system is an important activity in requirement engineering. This process occur at the early stages in system development which involves communication between customers and developers. Researchers have identified that poor communication is one of the most common problem in identifying and defining customer's requirements. This(More)
The problem of learning programming subjects, especially through distance learning and E-Learning, has been widely reported in literatures. Many attempts have been made to solve these problems. This has led to many new approaches in the techniques of learning of programming. One of the approaches that have been proposed is the use of virtual pair(More)
The emerging of Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 technologies allows web users not only authoring and customizing web pages and their content but also integrating the contents of several web sites into one web page. This web integration is called web mashup. There are various End Users Programming development approaches in making mashup such as scripting, dataflow,(More)
This paper presents a method to convert the deterministic, continuous representation of a biological system by ordinary differential equations into a non-deterministic, discrete membrane computation. The dynamics of the membrane computation is governed by rewrite rules operating at certain rates. That has the advantage of applying accurately to small(More)