Abdullah Kuzu

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This study administered the unethical computer using behavior scale (UECUBS) developed by [Namlu, A.G., & Odabasi, F. (2007). Unethical computer using behavior scale: A study of reliability and validity on Turkish university students. Computers and Education, 48, 205–215.] to investigate whether gender, program of study and PC experience have an impact on(More)
This study explored the views of pre-service teachers regarding the indicators of information and communication technologies (ICT) at Turkish education faculties. A cross-sectional survey design was implemented with graduating students enrolled in Turkish education faculties. A combination of stratified random sampling and systematic sampling was(More)
Student engagement is considered to be important for learning, performance, retention, persistence, experience and achievement. In order to understand and explain student engagement, some theories and models have been developed. The Campus-Class-Technology (CCT) Theory is one of these theories. The theory tries to explain the relationships between student(More)
Web environments provide learners with a great amount of information and various environments and opportunities that they can use to navigate, yet problems may occur as a result of the abundant choices and flexibility provided by these Web-based environments. Among these problems disorientation and cognitive overload in hypermedia are important bottlenecks.(More)
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