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This study explored the views of pre-service teachers regarding the indicators of information and communication technologies (ICT) at Turkish education faculties. A cross-sectional survey design was implemented with graduating students enrolled in Turkish education faculties. A combination of stratified random sampling and systematic sampling was(More)
—Integrating information and communication technologies (ICT) in education is a very important factor to learning, regarding student centered learning environments. Special education thus, is a field where mobile technologies can be used very efficiently for less financial burden due to its small scale in student number in normal schools. These technologies(More)
Increasing use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) help individuals to solve several everyday problems, which used to be harder, more complicated and time consuming. Even though ICTs provide individuals with many advantages, they might also serve as grounds for several societal and ethical problems which vary in accordance with the contexts(More)
Web environments provide learners with a great amount of information and various environments and opportunities that they can use to navigate, yet problems may occur as a result of the abundant choices and flexibility provided by these Web-based environments. Among these problems disorientation and cognitive overload in hypermedia are important bottlenecks.(More)
This study investigated opinions of students regarding instructional use of PDAs (personal digital assistants). The study was conducted in the 4th semester elective course, BTÖ 204-Business English at the Faculty of Education at Anadolu University. Purposeful sampling was applied in the current study. Five PDAs were distributed to sophomore students. Before(More)
A short story of this special issue is here if you are interested in. First idea and suggestion came from me to my dear colleagues, Dr. we agreed on the topic all together we started to announcing as a call for paper at many medium, institutions, governmental or non-governmental organizations, experts, and so on. The seven articles and one study (at " notes(More)
In the present study, a mobile learning system for the professional development of academics was developed by design based action research, and the perceptions and experiences of the academics using this system were examined. In the first phase of this design-based action research, the research question was defined. In the second phase, a m-learning system(More)
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