Abdullah Kamal Ahmed

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With the glutathione system that leads to rapid regeneration of reduced lysozyme (Saxena, V. P., and Wetlaufer, D. B. (1971) Biochemistry 9, 5015), reduced pancreatic ribonuclease (RNase) regenerated activity in high yield (greater than 90%) but at a considerably lower rate (t1/2 approximately 75 min). Systematic examination of the effects upon regeneration(More)
Exogenous stages of two new Eimerian species, naturally infecting the Egyptian gerbil Gerbillus pyramidum were described and diagnosed in the present study. (1) The subspherical type of oocysts was 20 x 17 microns (length x width) in average. These are colourless and enveloped within an even double-layered oocyst wall. Sporulated oocysts containing four(More)
  • A K Ahmed
  • Journal of the Egyptian Society of Parasitology
  • 1992
Isospora solimanae (sp. nov.) is recorded for the first time infecting the Egyptian hoopoe (Upupa epops major). Unsporulated as well as sporulated oocysts were studied, photographed and compared with other isosporan infections of related birds. Site of infection and invasion limits were determined among naturally infected hoopoes and represented(More)
The rate of regeneration of reduced RNase by glutathione was examined in the presence of several added substances: substrate, phospholipid, other proteins, bacterial ribosomes, and neutral salts. Of these, only neutral salts showed substantial effects. K2HOP4 and (NH4)2SO4 strongly accelerated regeneration, the alkali chlorides showed moderate acceleration(More)
OBJECTIVES Preoperative chemoradiation (CRT) followed by surgery is the standard treatment for locally advanced rectal cancer (LARC). The outcomes of preoperative CRT in Saudi patients with LARC have not been widely studied. The study reports long-term outcomes after preoperative CRT followed by curative surgery in Saudi patients with LARC. DESIGN AND(More)
  • A K Ahmed
  • Journal of the Egyptian Society of Parasitology
  • 1998
Light and electron microscopy have been used to study blood stages of H. mehlhorni as well as different developmental stages of the parasite within lung tissues of the naturally infected vipers Echis carinats captured from Siwah Oases, Egypt. A natural infection rate of 60% was recorded among vipers. Two types of meronts were observed within the endothelial(More)
This article reports on a retrospective study of perinatal deaths in an Egyptian maternity hospital during a 21 month period from March 1977 to November 1978. 6990 babies were delivered in the hospital during the study period. A special precoded maternity record was filled in for each mother. It included detailed information on the social and medical(More)
The development of macrogametes of Eimeria labbeana was studied by electron microscopy in the epithelial cells of the villi at 96 hrs. post-infection. Appearance of young macrogamonts was characterized by the loss of the architecture of the apicomplexa (polar ring, rhoptries, micronemes, conoid, subpellicular microtubules), while the pellicle became only(More)
Disulfide-containing proteins offer unique advantages for mechanistic studies of the formation of native three-dimensional structure from unordered, reduced precursors. The main advantage is that covalent intermediates are formed; by characterizing these intermediates, one obtains substantial information about the reaction pathway. Thiol-disulfide(More)
During 42 months of study, 150 cases of laparoscopic ventrosuspension were performed at Al-Azhar University hospitals. In 98 patients (65.33%), the primary complaint was infertility. Retroversion of the uterus was the only abnormality detected during laparoscopic examinations. The remaining 52 patients (34.66%) had retroversion of the uterus concomitant(More)