Abdullah Jaafar

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In spite of having been highly recognized as one of the critical steps in recognizing and determining the accuracy of iris matching, segmentation process of Iris is still encountered with few problematic challenges, especially in the process of separating the iris from the eye image and eyelids and eyelashes as it leads to reduction of the accuracy. To(More)
Currently, most of the existing public-key encryption schemes are based on complex algorithms with heavy computations. In 1994, Naor and Shamir proposed a simple cryptography method for digital images called visual cryptography. Existing visual cryptography primitives can be considered as a special kind of secret-key cryptography that does not require heavy(More)
The issue of authenticity in data transfer is very important in many communications. In this paper, we propose an improved version of the visual digital signature scheme with enhanced security. The improvement was made based on Yang’s non-expansion visual cryptography technique and Boolean operations. The security of the improved version of the visual(More)
Visual cryptography (VC) is a powerful encryption technique which combines perfect secrecy and secret sharing in cryptography with respect to images. VC takes a binary image (the secret) and divides it into two or more pieces known as shares (transparencies). When the shares are superimposed, the secret can be recovered. One of the distinguishing features(More)
A zero-knowledge proof of identity protocol is a special cryptographic algorithm for identity verification. The security of most of the zero-knowledge proof of identity protocols is based on complex mathematical algorithms and requires heavy computations for both parties involved, the proverb and the verifier. Thus, the two parties must depend on computing(More)
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