Abdullah Etoz

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Statistical shape analysis, a relatively a new method for biological research, compares body forms by using specific landmarks determined by anatomical prominences. In this study, we aimed to identify normal facial asymmetry between the right and the left sides of the face. Facial landmark data were collected from two-dimensional digital images of 321 young(More)
There are several anthropometric studies regarding the nose, however none of them involves data about a statistical shape analysis. In this study, a landmark-based geometric morphometric technique was used to analyze the nasal shapes in a young Turkish adult population.A population of 75 female and 75 male volunteer Turkish young adults whose ages ranged(More)
The effects of negative pressure wound therapy ([NPWT], V.A.C.® Therapy, KCI, San Antonio, Tex) were compared with standard dressings in 45 patients with diabetic foot ulcers who were admitted to the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Medical Park Hospital, Bursa, Turkey. Twenty-four patients were randomly divided into 2 groups-NPWT group(More)
To the Editor: Herein, a rare case of a giant heterotopic brain tissue of the left temporal area in a 2-month-old girl with a bony depression is described. A 2-month-old female infant presented with a left temporal soft-tissue mass measuring 15 18 cm. The mass was present at birth and was rapidly increasing in size. At birth, the patient also exhibited an(More)
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