Abdullah Eroglu

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The fundamental assumption of an economic order quantity (EOQ) model is that 100% of items in an ordered lot are perfect. This assumption is not always pertinent for production processes because of process deterioration or other factors. This paper develops an EOQ model for that each ordered lot contains some defective items and shortages backordered. It is(More)
—Fresnel coefficients for three-layered uniaxially anisotropic media with arbitrarily oriented optic axes have been obtained using half-space reflection and transmission coefficients. The optic axes of the anisotropic media are assumed to be tilted at different angles ((ψ i , χ i), i = 1, 2). This gives arbitrary orientation for anisotropic medium in the(More)
Design, simulation, and implementation of microstrip spiral inductors for RF applications at the high frequency (HF) range are given. The simplified lumped element equivalent model parameters for spiral inductor are used to obtain the initial physical dimensions for the design. The spiral inductor is then simulated with planar electromagnetic simulator,(More)
Economic Order Quantity models have many assumptions that are not satisfied completely with recent economic conditions. One of these assumptions is that all items in an ordered lot are perfect quality. But a portion of ordered lot may be defective. The other unrealistic assumption is that the payments are made as soon as the items received. However, in(More)