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In patients with gastric carcinomas, the role of the alteration of mucin expression in overall survival has been a matter of some speculation, but few studies have been reported. The aim of our study was to determine the relationship between MUC1, MUC2, and MUC5AC expression and patient survival, with a secondary aim designed to investigate the alteration(More)
Overexpression and alterations in the glycosylation of gastric mucins have been described in colorectal carcinoma. The purpose of our study was to confirm aberrant expression of MUC5AC in colorectal carcinoma, to investigate relationships between clinicopathological parameters and MUC5AC expression, and to determine if MUC5AC expression may be a prognostic(More)
The fundamental assumption of an economic order quantity (EOQ) model is that 100% of items in an ordered lot are perfect. This assumption is not always pertinent for production processes because of process deterioration or other factors. This paper develops an EOQ model for that each ordered lot contains some defective items and shortages backordered. It is(More)
BACKGROUND Breast carcinoma is a frequent disease that affects the female population. As for other malignant diseases, several studies have been carried out in an attempt to identify its etiology, yet the etiological agent has not been clearly defined. The etiological relationship between thyroid disease and breast cancer is still being investigated.(More)
Reynolds, Nathan D. M.S.E., Purdue University, May 2012. Long Range Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Antenna Design. Major Professor: Abdullah Eroglu. There is an ever-increasing demand for radio frequency identification (RFID) tags that are passive, long range, and mountable on multiple surfaces. Currently, RFID technology(More)
—Fresnel coefficients for three-layered uniaxially anisotropic media with arbitrarily oriented optic axes have been obtained using half-space reflection and transmission coefficients. The optic axes of the anisotropic media are assumed to be tilted at different angles ((ψ i , χ i), i = 1, 2). This gives arbitrary orientation for anisotropic medium in the(More)