Abdullah Elewi

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Asymmetric multiprocessor systems are considered power-efficient multiprocessor architectures. Furthermore, efficient task allocation (partitioning) can achieve more energy efficiency at these asymmetric multiprocessor platforms. This article addresses the problem of energy-aware static partitioning of periodic real-time tasks on asymmetric multiprocessor(More)
In the design of embedded systems, it is very important to reduce energy consumption and thus prolong battery life in everywhere existed battery-powered embedded systems. Dynamic voltage scaling (DVS) processors, which support many operating voltages and speeds, can efficiently reduce energy consumption by making appropriate decisions on the processor(More)
Efficient task partitioning plays a crucial role in achieving high performance at multiprocessor platforms. This paper addresses the problem of energy-aware static partitioning of periodic realtime tasks on heterogeneous multiprocessor platforms. A Particle Swarm Optimization variant based on Min-min technique for task partitioning is proposed. The proposed(More)
The paper introduces a novel feature selection algorithm for labeling identical products collected from online web resources. Product labeling is important for clustering similar or same products. Products blindly crawled over the web sources, such as online sellers, have unstructured data due to having features expressed in different representations and(More)
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