Abdullah Dertli

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Copyright c © 2015 Abdullah Dertli, Yasemin Cengellenmis and Senol Eren. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. Abstract A method to obtain self orthogonal codes over finite field F2(More)
The structures of cyclic DNA codes of odd length over the finite rings R = Z4 + wZ4, w 2 = 2 and S = Z4 + wZ4 + vZ4 + wvZ4, w 2 = 2, v = v, wv = vw are studied. The links between the elements of the rings R, S and 16 and 256 codons are established, respectively. Cyclic codes of odd length over the finite ring R satisfies reverse complement constraint and(More)
Some results are generalized on linear codes over Z3[v]/〈v3 − v〉 in [15] to the ring Rp = Zp[v]/〈vp − v〉, where p is an odd prime number. The Gray images of cyclic and quasi-cyclic codes over Rp are obtained. The parameters of quantum error correcting codes are obtained from negacyclic codes over Rp. A nontrivial automorphism θp on the ring Rp is(More)
We construct a new Gray map from S to F 3n 2 where S = F2+uF2+uF2, u3 = 1. It is both an isometry and a weight preserving map. It was shown that the Gray image of cyclic code over S is quasi-cyclic codes of index 3 and the Gray image of quasi-cyclic code over S is l-quasi-cyclic code of index 3. Moreover, the skew cyclic and skew quasi-cyclic codes over S(More)
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