Abdullah Dertli

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The structures of cyclic DNA codes of odd length over the finite rings R=Z_{4}+wZ_{4}, w^{2}=2 and S=Z_{4}+wZ_{4}+vZ_{4}+wvZ_{4},w^{2}=2,v^{2}=v,wv=vw are studied. The links between the elements of the rings R, S and 16 and 256 codons are established, respectively. Cyclic codes of odd length over the finite ring R satisfies reverse complement constraint and(More)
We construct a new Gray map from S n to F 3n 2 where S = F 2 +uF 2 +u 2 F 2 , u 3 = 1. It is both an isometry and a weight preserving map. It was shown that the Gray image of cyclic code over S is quasi-cyclic codes of index 3 and the Gray image of quasi-cyclic code over S is l-quasi-cyclic code of index 3. Moreover, the skew cyclic and skew quasi-cyclic(More)
In this paper, we study the structure of cyclic, quasi-cyclic, constacyclic codes and their skew codes over the finite ring R=Z_3+vZ_3+v^2Z_3, v^3=v. The Gray images of cyclic, quasi-cyclic, skew cyclic, skew quasi-cyclic and skew constacyclic codes over R are obtained. A necessary and sufficient condition for cyclic (negacyclic) codes over R that contains(More)
In this paper, it was constructed quantum codes from cyclic codes over finite ring S = F 2 + uF 2 + vF 2 , u 2 = u, v 2 = v, uv = vu = 0 for arbitrary length n. It was given a new Gray map Ψ which is both an isometry and weight preserving map. It was shown that C is self orthogonal codes over S, so is Ψ(C). It was given a necessary and sufficient condition(More)
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