Abdullah Bade

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This paper presents a method for fast-approximate collision detection between 3D models <i>S</i> undergoing rigid body motion. To enclose a 3D model in as tight as possible, we propose an approach known as oriented convex polyhedra <i>R</i>(<i>S</i>). By surrounding the 3D models tightly, the veracity of detected collision can be improved. It is known that(More)
Interactivity and immersiveness are important keys on exploration virtual reality game. Numerous researchers concentrate to augment visual acuity in order to get sensible visualization and animation. In addition, acoustic has also became other aspects to enhance immersiveness of virtual reality game. Recently, there is an issue involving haptic as part of(More)
This paper brings to iterative selection criteria to improve simple adaptive subdivision surfaces method in handling cracks for triangular meshes. Adaptive subdivision is a method that subdivides only at certain areas of the control mesh. Although subdivision occurs in the selected areas, the quality of produced surfaces can be preserved similar to the(More)
The development of real-time virtual environment is always a fundamental task for research to come out with a good testing procedure. Regardless any software application that has been used to develop the virtual environment, maintaining real-time aspect such as physic simulation, fluid simulation, collision detection, and others is definitely important.(More)
Latest 3D humanoid models are merely able to produce emotion sensations through facial animation, gesture and voice. However, few of them are really concerned about manipulating haptic tactile emotion through vibration, especially on expressing 3D humanoid model emotion using common haptic device like joystick. In this paper, we have created a mapping(More)
Finding nearly accurate distance between two or more nearly intersecting three-dimensional (3D) objects is vital especially for collision determination such as in virtual surgeon simulation and real-time car crash simulation. Instead of performing broad phase collision detection, we need to check for accuracy of detection by running narrow phase collision(More)