Abdullah Alfadhly

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In most applications of Wireless sensor and actor network it is important to sustain connectivity among all actors at all times. When an actor fails the inter-actor topology may get partitions into disjoint blocks and the application may be negatively impacted. Tolerating the actor failure and restoring the lost connectivity need to be performed while(More)
This paper is an attempt to under impact of users mobility and primary app spectrum handoff rate and connection rel Cognitive Radio (CR) Ad hoc Network. Spect new type of handoff caused by the appearanc user of the spectrum or simply by the moveme user to an area where its currently used ban exploit the spectrum sensing capability in e propose three random(More)
Wireless Sensor and Actor Networks (WSANs) engage mobile nodes with actuators to respond to certain events in inhospitable environments. The harsh surroundings make actors susceptible to failure. Tolerating occasional actor failure is very important to avoid degrading the performance. In some cases, multiple actors simultaneously fail which makes the(More)
Wireless Sensor and Actor Networks (WSANs) depend heavily on connectivity among actors to perform their tasks. Loss of strong connectivity caused by the failure of an actor may partition the deployed WSAN and degrade its functionality. In this paper, we present an Adaptive Connectivity Restoration Approach (ACRA), which works autonomously and enables the(More)
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